Five Mustard Seeds

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We are committed to regularly sending leaders and people to start other churches locally and regionally.

We see ourselves meeting in a large network of smaller groups where people can journey spiritually and care for others in deep relationship. We see all kinds of groups for different circumstances, interests and life stages.

We envision a host of classes that connect good theology/spirituality to the everyday issues of life, such as:  work, relationships, ethics, family, creation care, sexuality, personal development, investments, social justice, etc.

We see ourselves meeting real needs in Portland with our creativity, people and financial resources with no strings attached, but with the hope of making Jesus known.

We see Mosaic pouring people and financial resources into select long-term international partnerships as an extension of our love for God and humanity.

We see Mosaic as an extension of God’s grace and healing to broken people in the form of support and recovery groups for a wide range of emotional hurts and destructive addictions.

We see ourselves staying long term in the Hollywood District of Portland. We envision gathering in four services each weekend to worship.

We see ministry designed for our city’s children and youth that meaningfully introduces them to Jesus and models an authentic relationship with Him.


test post

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This is our new blog, a place where we hope to be able to share slices of life, ministry thoughts, links we’ve found, and some occasional flotsam and jetsam.  Thanks for checking things out!